Bertha Kliman

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It is August 5, 2012 and it is Bertha's 105th birthday, though Myra reports:
Her actual birthday is August 5 but it was registered September 3 and she liked that date better as my Dad's was September 4 and they were married on the 15th. When she was about 50 they needed birth certificates for a trip to Israel and she was furious and would not accept the new but correct date for many years although I got around that by celebrating both dates, so although she always used the date "the war broke out" in September as an aide-mémoire and always had problems when she went into the hospital and they were checking to see if she was cognitively impaired or knew her birthdate as it appeared on her drivers license.....oy vay!

Here is Bertha with niece Naomi Finkelstein (Babe's daughter) and caregivers Fe (pronounced Fay) and Jehan (on the left).

We are at Bertha's house at 1514 Mathers Bay West, in Winnipeg, and Mark Wolch was the photographer for most of these.

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On the right is Saul Cherniack (Myra's partner), and his daughter-in-law Bea – who is married to Saul's son Lawrie, and their daughter Katie.

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Here is Saul's granddaughter Katie, her husband Grant, and their son Isaac.

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Here is Saul's son Lawrie, and Lawrie's grandson Isaac.

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Bertha has a lot to say, and always has her nails and hair done beautifully.

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Time for cake, it says Happy Berthaday 105!!!.

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Time to cut the cake. On the right is Bertha's caregiver Fe, then Bertha's sister Esther Remis, and then Bertha's daughter Myra.

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Bertha Kliman at 105. We should all live so long, and be so happy and healthy.