Updates to the Shnier web site

Here, in reverse chronological order, are summaries of the updates.

January 2014 Shniers.com | Family History | Photographs, posted Purim Party 1928 photograph, and Sula Bernstein's and Charles Zeal's wedding certificate and some other photographs of them.
Shniers.com | Clifford | Photographs, posted the letter Clifford included with the necklace he sent Babe as a wedding gift.
Shniers.com | Clifford | Remembrances, posted July 2013 e-mails.
Shniers.com | Family History | Stories, posted June 1, 2013 e-mail from Richard Hall.
Shniers.com | Family History | Scrapbook, posted pages from book mentioning Paull family.
March 2013 Shniers.com | Family History | Remembrances, posted video of the funeral services for Cecil, Babe, and Bertha.
January 2013 Clifford | 1941 (at the bottom), the ship's registry for Clifford's voyage to Europe.
Shniers.com | GE Shnier, a wonderful photograph of Irving at the Shnier office in 1945.
Family History | Remembrances | Babe and Mitch Finkelstein, added.
Clifford | Photographs, many added, beginning at Photograph 19.
Family History | Scrapbook, added the 1916 Census, at Image 3.
Shniers.com | Pavolitch and Kremenitz, added links to find them.
December 2012 Shniers.com | Bertha, added photographs of Aunt Bertha's 105th birthday.
Shniers.com | Family History | Scrapbook, added Myra's three-page biography for Bertha. Shniers.com | Picnic, is updated each year.
July 2010 Becklingen War Cemetery
On July 24, 2010, Mitchell Shnier and his wife Margot visited the Becklingen War Cemetery. See Clifford | Becklingen War Cemetery.
February 2010 Leon and Hannah Semler
Valerie Thruelsen, of Hawaii, and grand-daughter of Harry Berns (Bernstein), located a US Census page from 1900, which shows the Leon Semler family. This has been added to the Family History | Scrapbook pages.
December 2009 Search
A search box was added to the top-right of the home page.
October 2009 Clifford | Photographs (Photograph 28 and below)
Clifford | Scrapbook (at the bottom)
Clifford | 1946 (at the bottom)
With prompting due to Norman Shnier's visit to Clifford Shnier's grave in the Becklingen War Cemetery (and with Allie Shnier's encouragement), a request was submitted to have Clifford's headstone changed to have a Star of David (mogen dovid). This took over two years, and was completed on July 30, 2009, exactly 66 years after Clifford's plane was shot down.
August 2009 Family History | Remembrances | Jack Shnier (scroll towards the bottom)
A lovely letter from Naomi Finkelstein, and pictures of her trip with Hyla Swesnik to Alaska to scatter Esther and Jack Shnier's ashes (Jack and Esther had been on a cruise there, and thought it was the most beautiful spot they had ever seen).
March 2009 Clifford Shnier Section
Updates to the Remembrances, as a result of an e-mail exchange with a fellow airman who shared a “hut” with him during the war.
January 2009 D. Lou Harris
Some information has been added about D. Lou Harris, for which the section of Mount Sinai Cemetery in which the war memorial that mentions Clifford Shnier is named. See the Photographs section of the Clifford section.
November 2008 Updates
  • Picnic 2008 pictures have been added.
  • A link to some additional Pavolitch pictures has been added (in the Pavolitch section of the Home page).
  • A newspaper clipping was added in the G.E. Shnier Co. section.
  • An interesting item was added about Jakki Liberman's company Bumkins Finer Baby Products, Inc., in the Family History | Trivia section.
  • Allen Shnier sent a wonderful Uncle Jack addition for the Family History | Stories section.
September 2008 Many Updates
  • After a visit to the Canadian War Heritage Museum, many photographs of a Lancaster Bomber (and also of a Memorial book that lists both Clifford Shnier and Norman Shnier) have been added. These are posted in the new Warplane Museum section in the Clifford Shnier section.
  • There were also several trivia section updates (in the Family History section).
  • The Norman Shnier section has been updated.
  • Some information was added at the end of the Background section, and (thanks to Clifford Franklin Shnier) the plaque near the end of the Scrapbook section was revised, both in the Clifford Shnier section.
  • Many photographs have been added to the Family History section.
  • John Shnier's comments from Norman Shnier's unveiling have been added to the Remembrances section of the Family History section.
  • Jeffrey Shnier took many pictures and also video when he and Phil Shnier attended Jack Shnier's memorial service in August 2008. These are posted in the Remembrances section of the Family History section.
  • A biography of Bertha Kliman (née Shnier) has been posted at the end of the Scrapbook section of the Family History section.
August 14, 2008 More Family Trees
The posted Shnier and Bernstein family trees have about 600 and 690 people (respectively) in them (going back to my great great grandparents, and showing a total of 7 generations each). But there are currently 2,300 people entered into the database – these others being the family of people married to those in the Shnier and Bernstein family trees. Mira Shnier (the “keeper of the tree”) has created descendant trees for some of these other families, and these are posted in the “More Trees” section at the http://Shniers.com page.
May 9, 2008 Picnic Section
A Picnic section has been added to the http://Shniers.com web site. It has pictures from 18 of the annual Toronto family picnics – including from the first picnic, which was in 1980 (28 years ago).
December 27, 2007 Family History Section
A Stories section has been added, the first posting from Clifford Franklin Shnier, about Jack Shnier when he was a Sergeant in the US Army.
December 27, 2007 Clifford Section
A Background section was added (with input from Clifford Franklin Shnier, many photographs, and detail of the Avro Lancaster), to put Clifford's final mission into context.
December 10, 2007 Remembrances Section
Videos of some memories of Norman Shnier have been added to the Remembrances section (which is in the Family History section). Also, some corrections were made to the Trivia section (also in the Family History section), and the Shnier family tree diagram (in the main http://Shniers.com page) was updated.
October 22, 2007 Remembrances Section
A Remembrances section has been added to the Family History page of this Shnier web site. Obituaries and eulogies for Eleanor Shnier, Norman Shnier, and Lanny Remis are included.
October 15, 2007 Clifford Shnier Headstone
The effort to have Clifford Shnier's headstone replaced with one with a Magen David has begun. The reply correspondence from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission is here (which is towards the end of the Scrapbook section of the Clifford Shnier part of this Shnier web site).
October 15, 2007 Clifford Shnier Memorial in Mount Sinai Cemetery, Toronto
Since 1979, there has been a Memorial to Canadian Jewish War Dead in the Mount Sinai Cemetery, in Toronto – and it includes Clifford Shnier's name. Some photographs are here (which is towards the end of the Photographs section of the Clifford Shnier part of this Shnier web site) – scroll down to see the rest. Some information on the General Wingate Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion has also been added.
April 8, 2007 Margolis Immigration Update
Penny Margolis found the Ship's Passenger List entries for the immigration of the Margolis family. These are at the end of the Leah Shnier section.
September 19, 2006 Shnier Family Trivia
A Shnier Family Trivia page has been added to the Family History section.
August 6, 2006 Still more photographs
Lisa Cooper provided some more photographs, and these are posted in the Family History section, under Photographs.

Included is a picture of Akiva Shnier, and his second wife Leah (mother of Bobtsie Margolis, and the subject of the Leah Shnier / Margolis family immigration pages).

August 6, 2006 Additions to Cecil Shnier, Emerson, and Melfort section
Many new and fantastic documents have been added to the Cecil Shnier, Emerson, and Melfort section section. They are all in one long web page that can be accessed from the Cecil Shnier link.
August 4, 2006 Leah Shnier and the immigration of the Margolis family
In 1925, Mendel Shnier (Akiva's son, and Moishe's father) submitted an application for an immigration permit for his half-sister Chaya (Bobtsie) and her family (and mother Leah) to come to Canada.

A new section has been added to the Shniers.com web site (scroll down below Lisa Cooper in Pavolich). It has over 50 pages of original (and scanned and posted, so you can read them for yourself) documents, along with a detailed narrative (and re-typing of many of the documents, so you can more easily read them).

August 2, 2006 Addition to Norman Shnier section
A second “Gesco History” was written by Norman Shnier, between about 1984 and 1987, and this one is now posted along with his other material (all of which has been moved to a new Norman Shnier section).
July 10, 2006 Major family tree update
Mira Shnier has added over 1,000 more names to the family tree, and these have now been posted. The family trees are about half-way down (below “See the tree”) at http://shniers.com.

There is much information that doesn't fit into the little boxes on the family tree, and you can now view this in the Shnier Report and Bernstein Report, also half-way down at http://shniers.com.

These aren't all decendands of Akiva Shnier or Itzak Eli Bernstein, so the names don't all show on the above family trees. But you can look through the whole tree at the Genealogy.com Family Tree Maker interactive web site by surname and individual.

June 24, 2006 Family Picnic Pictures
Every year, there's a Toronto family picnic and we take a group photograph. Recent photographs are now posted here.
June 3, 2006 Cecil Shnier's story of the Shnier-Rusen 1907 Photograph
The Family History section now has more detail in the Photographs section for this 1907 photograph.
April 29, 2006 More photographs
Allan Paull's sister Ruth Shear took many photographs in the 1940s and 1950s, and her daughter Gina has had 106 of these slides these digitized. Some are posted in the Family History section in Photographs, and the rest are here.
April 9, 2006 A story from Norman Shnier
Norman Shnier has a short story which is posted in the Remembrances section of the Clifford web site.
April 8, 2006 New Scrapbook Section
Norman Shnier had some interesting letters, including ones from Clifford Margolis, Cecil Shnier. These are now posted in the new Scrapbook section of the Family History section.
March 21, 2006 Grey Nuns Hosp. 1942
Naomi Finkelstein had an interesting update to the Moishe Shnier portrait frame, on which was written “Grey Nuns Hosp. 1942”. This is posted in the Photographs section in Family History.
March 3, 2006 Hunchback
Maury's comments have been added to the Haskell picture in the Photographs section in Family History.
March 1, 2006 Allan E. Paull web site
A link to Allan Paull's web site has been added to the Shniers home page.


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